What It Is

Greene County Sanitary Engineering Department (GCSED) is upgrading the water and sewer system across its service area to soften and enhance water quality and increase system reliability. Called Greene Forward, these program improvements will be built over the next five to seven years.

Why We are Doing It

Like many areas, Greene County has aging infrastructure, hard water and growing demand. Greene Forward will upgrade and add new facilities to keep delivering clean water and sewer services for the next generation.

In short, we worry so you don’t have to. Customers get clean, soft water from their tap, can flush and forget, and be confident treated water helps preserve our rivers.


How We are Doing It

The first phase will optimize the existing well network, develop the Hilltop wellfield, build new water mains and rehabilitate booster pump stations to feed those areas currently served by Dayton and Montgomery County, replace residential and commercial water meters, and expand a water treatment plant to include softened water.

The second phase will expand wastewater treatment facilities and upgrade the sewer collection system.

Who Will Manage Greene Forward?

A talented group of in-house and contracted professionals will help GCSED to stay on task, on schedule and on budget using industry standard tools and practices.

Sign up for project notifications by providing your email address below. Regular project updates will be posted on this site and quarterly public meetings may be offered as the program takes shape. Check back often for future project updates and notifications.


Reinstitute 20 years or more of serviceable life for all water and recycling assets, facilities and programs, and offer and maintain an enjoyable and rewarding workplace.




Protecting the quality of life in Greene County through effective, sustainable and affordable water and recycling services.




Core Values

  • Sustainability
  • Safety
  • Collaboration
  • Excellence
  • Service
  • Reliability


  • Water, sewer & recycling customers
  • Greene County citizens & tourists
  • The environment
  • Regulatory community
  • Commercial and industrial base
  • Community stakeholders
  • Schools and community groups


GCSED promises direct, timely contact with a member of the leadership team for any and all customer requests. GCSED also promises facility tours and educational opportunities upon request.


  • A strong leadership that runs lean and mean
  • Superb local water resources
  • Unified and moving in a new direction

Renewable Resources for a Greener Community.

Help us in our mission to be stewards of the environment.

GCSED provides dependable drinking water, water reclamation, recycling, and environmental services. Always reliable and responsive, GCSED helps to conserve natural resources, protects the well-being of Greene County citizens, and allows the region to thrive!