Well Network Optimization

About The Project

Greene County Sanitary Engineering Department (GCSED) has rehabilitated and upgraded all infrastructure and supporting systems related to our existing water well network. All wells in the Valley Springs and North wellfields have been cleaned, equipment has been upgraded, and communications have been enhanced to maximize capacity, extend useful life, and increase reliability.


  • Increases level of redundancy and operational flexibility (like an insurance policy if something goes wrong)
  • Maximizes well system capacity
  • Extends useful life of assets

Impacts to customers

Minimal to no construction impact to customers.

Newly Constructed Well Design

Project Status

Planning – 2020

Design – early 2021

Construction – late 2021

Completion – end 2024


What is a well?

A well is a hole drilled into the ground to access water contained in an aquifer.

What is an auqifier?

An aquifer is a body of porous rock or sediment saturated with groundwater.

How does GCSED protect wells in Greene County?

GCSED has designed and implemented a drinking water source protection plan with the guidance from the Ohio Environmental Protection Agency. This plan addresses: (1) educating residents and decision makers about protecting the source water; (2) including source water concerns in the system’s contingency plan; and (3) strategies to reduce the risk posed by specific potential contaminant sources.

How can I get involved in protecting my drinking water source?

As a homeowner, we encourage you to learn about things that can be done around your home to help protect your drinking water resources. These include:

  • limiting the use of pesticides, fertilizers, and other lawn chemicals;
  • not pouring chemicals down the drain;
  • recycling used motor oil and antifreeze;
  • cleaning up animal waste, and having septic systems inspected regularly.